Sound of Music VHS

Glazed Earthenware

Back in the day when you knew something was going to be on TV that you wanted to watch again, you would have to sit and wait with the video cassette in the video player ready to hit record. When a commercial came on, you would pause the recording and start it again when the program ressumed.

Sounds simple, but it was a skill to be able to anticipate when a commercial would be on so you didn't record any of it, and if you needed to pee you would have to scurry off to the toilet as quickly as possible and run back, or you would have to entrust another family member with the remote but who inevitably forgets to hit record.

Now you just turn on Netflix, and scroll endlessly looking for something to watch. No more going to Video Ezy and paying extra for a New Release, and getting a fine for returning it late. No more yelling "ITS OOOON!!!" to your sibling when they've gone to get a snack, and they scamper back like a rat so they don't miss anything.

My sister and I grew up watching the Sound of music on VHS. We would watch it endlessly on repeat and knew every song word for word. It's one of my happiest memories - singing songs with my sister. She could sing beautifully, while I was just really passionate and loud. So so loud.