Sisterly Love

Glazed Earthenware

My sister and I used to walk to Miller shops whenever our parents weren’t home. There wasn’t anything particularly special about it, there was a $2 shop that sold expired food, a Chinese take away that sold all right spring rolls, 4 for $1 and a Woolies. We used to go to the Asian grocer and buy herbs and tofu to make each other rice paper rolls. I didn’t mind that occasionally people would spit on the floor and mutter something about us being fucking Asians. Because on the way back we would take turns pushing each other as fast as we could in the shopping trolley. My mum was always worried that something would happen to us. She never really let us go out for fear that we might get hurt or die somehow. So when we would speed down the footpath on a rattling shopping trolley we would laugh and yell at cars that honked at us because it was fun and we were free. We later decided to stop with the trolley rides because one day the trolley toppled and my sister fell on to some broken glass...