Poolside Cans (Lychee Drink Can, Green Tea Jelly and Chrysanthemum Tea)

Glazed Earthenware

Every morning at 5.30am my mum would get up to go to Michael Wenden's Aquatic Leisure Centre. It was our local pool that was actually a bit of a shit hole. I learnt how to back float there and it was where I saw my first floating turd. Sometimes I would go with mum and before each swim we would walk around looking in the bins for cans to collect to sell by the kilo to this man on Saturdays. Sometimes he would pay $1.50 a kilo for the cans. I got really good at crushing the cans in one stomp. I was a little embarrassed about rummaging in the bin but I cared more about helping mum. We would always buy herbs and rice with the extra money and have a nice meal together. I love my mum, she taught me to see the value in everything.