It Felt Like You Were Eating a Rainbow

Glazed Earthenware

I have some pretty great memories of preschool. Things like mandatory naptime being the best thing ever, playing shop keeper with a tiny toy cash register and this one little boy who dobbed on this girl to the teacher because she wouldnt share this blue sand mould of a seahorse. Its kind of funny the things your brain choses to remember, like I don't remember important things like birthdays or passwords. But I can recall the colour of the hair of this one little boy and the feeling my little heart felt when he was kind to me.

But I have to say the best memory I have was when I was introduced to fairy bread. We had a lunch lady that made it for our morning tea. She would spread margarine on the whitest bread and then sprinkle on a layer of hundreds and thousands and then cut it into small triangles. It was bloody delicious and when you're a little kid you don't think about diabetes or getting tubby. It just felt like you were eating the rainbow.