I Love You Eternally
Glazed Earthenware

This toy taught my young self about heart ache. My mum always says that as a kid I never cried for lollies or toys. It was because I knew from a young age that money was scarce. I watched my parents slave away in a hot shed sewing garments for large fashion houses for as little as 20 cents a piece.

When I was young all I desired was this little yappy dog toy that back flipped from the trash and treasure markets. One day my mum bought it for me. It felt like a dream, I held it all the way home, stroked it like a real puppy and told my mum ຂອບໃຈ thank you over and over. When I got it home within 5 mins the back legs broke and it just yelped and flailed sadly on its side. It broke my little heart.

Now as I've gotten older I understand that that wasn't true heart ache. I know now what despair is. I carry it inside me always and I don't ever desire things anymore. I only desire that the people I love are happy and healthy and live forever. But I know the last part is just a dream.