Hot Bread Bakery

Glazed Earthware

I love bread. Sometimes I go on bread benders and become bread. Its usually when I’m sad and find it hard to cope or when I really miss someone I love.

In the Vietnamese bakeries you could get all the classics like finger buns, neenish tarts, giant lamingtons, vanilla slices, custard tarts and chocolate eclairs filled with fake cream. But my heart always lusted for bread.

Mum would buy me a Bánh mì from one of the many Vietnamese bakeries in Cabra that all seem to be called HOT BREAD. Or we would just buy the bread rolls freshly baked that had hot steamy insides and crusty outsides that cut the roof of your mouth. My favourite thing to do that my parents taught me was sprinkle soy sauce on it. Or to pop it in the grill with butter and sugar on it. The butter would melt and the sugar would caramelise making this perfect combo of toffee and buttery goodness.