Extra Care
Glazed Earthenware

I’ve been ordering essentials online for my dad and having them sent to his house so he stays safely inside. One of the things dad deems as an essential item is hairspray. Specifically this brand because he says all other hairsprays give him a headache. When I asked him is that really a necessary item, he say yes, because he needs it to keep his hair off his face. For as long as I can remember his routine has always been get up at 6am, pee then poop, brush his teeth, shave, shower, dry his hair and then styled it with moose and a fuck tonne of hairspray. It lined my lungs as a child, I’d hide under the bed covers in an attempt to escape the fumes. Think Eric Bana as Ray Martin on Full Frontal hair industrial strength wind resistant level. This piece is called “I really hate hairspray”