Cabra Cake
Glazed Earthenware

When I was a kid, Cabramatta had a reputation for drugs and crime. Even though I was only young I knew if someone was a drug dealer by the way they paced up and down a street corner, hands in their pockets and bum bag in tow. Despite the drug problem we would always get our groceries there. My sister and I would help carry the shopping and sometimes as a reward mum would buy us a sweet treat each. In the cake shop the display would be filled with cakes on white trays. Our favourite pick was always this sponge cake covered in white frosting, decorated with a piped pink flower, leaves, chocolate vines and crushed peanuts push into the sides. It was always bitter sweet though, because once popped into the paper bag the pretty petals would smear against the inside of the bag and resemble more of a skid mark. My little kid heart always broke a little because it was the best part of the cake. Eating the cake didn’t even surpass that pretty pink iced flower because it never really tasted like anything, it was like eating creamy air and nothingness. But I always made sure I ate every bit of that little pink smear.